Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dear Peep,

Mommy is so sorry that I haven't been keeping up with your diary. I was so sick for so long. So happy to be feeling better. Now that you are getting bigger, it is getting harder to be on my feet. I can feel you all of the time now- you are very busy in there. Your sister called you a wild man the other day. You kicked her in the back 10 times when I was snuggling her! So hard to believe that you will be with us in 12 weeks! Our Christmas baby! The girls say that you are going to be their best gift this year. They are so excited to have a baby brother on the way. Daddy is excited to that the house won't be filled with just girls anymore!

We're not sure about your name yet Peep! Maybe David Joseph Jr. or Christopher or Nicholas. We'll figure it out!

Keep growing and please take it a little easy on me with the kick-boxing!


ps. Keep growing so we can push that placenta up. Need to clear the way for you, little guy!