Thursday, April 30, 2009

Panic Mode

Panic mode. How am I going to get this house in order? How am I going to school two little girls at home with an infant on my hip? How am I going to...... You name it- I'm thinking it. I'd like to get motivated on the house, but feeling very tired today. Little Peep wants to rest. Maybe after a nap.

Jen and Little Peep

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm Pregnant! The Reaction

My reaction: After seeing the two pink lines, I prayed a thank you to God for the blessing. Next, I had to wake up my husband to share the news. Beside excitement, I felt a bit nervous about him. How would he react? Even though he knew that there was a possibility, he had expressed numerous times in the past that he was content fathering just two children.

My husband:
Luckily, his reaction was better than I thought it would be- mostly shocked. Mostly wondering if the test was correct. Half asleep squinting at the test and counting the multiple pink lines.

Peanut-age 5: Screamed and laughed and screamed and laughed and cheered!

Sunshine-age 7: At first, she thought that we were joking. She kept asking us if we were kidding and when she realized that it was real, tears of joy poured down her face. "My prayers are answered," she says as she cries.

Jen and Little Peep

Two Pink Lines!

After days of nausea and falling asleep at odd hours of the day, I decided to take THE TEST! In the past these symptoms have been all in my head, so I wasn't sure if this was really happening to me or not. Even though there were very clear signs of it, I still wasn't sure. So when the two pink lines came up on the test, I was surprised a bit and excited about this new adventure- about mothering another blessing.

Jen and Little Peep

Welcome to the Diary of Peep!

Little Peep!

"What should we call the baby, Mom? We won't know until it grows more if it is a boy or a girl."

"I know says Peanut," my five year old. "We'll name it Peep!"

Awww! I instantly liked it- the sound that a little chick makes- Peep! and so we named the new life that has been growing inside me for just a short time- Little Peep.

Welcome to the diary of Peep! This will be little Peep's journey from the beginning of life until the time that Peep enters our world.

Jen and Little Peep