Friday, May 1, 2009

Nausea: Friend or Foe?

The first three months of pregnancy can be rough due to the nausea, so why do I wish such upon myself on the days that I am feeling great? I know that this sounds crazy, but the first three months are scary, too. Scary because this is the time when most miscarriages occur. It is because the nausea reassures me that I am still pregnant. At least in my mind. I remember how relieved I felt once I got past the three month mark. Then I wished the nausea away. Funny as I'm typing this, I'm starting to feel nauseous. See what I did! I was feeling great yesterday, no nausea and then again this morning. Here comes my friend!

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Jen and Little Peep

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  1. Embrace the nausea... I know it is tough, but it does signal you that your hormones are gettign to the levels they need to... And it is reassuring :)

    And understandably frustrating... With Bobbo, I kept the saltines bedside and ate a few each morning before getting up out of bed - It really helped!